Asba & Dantata Properties LTD is a full service residential development company with expertise in all aspect of multifamily housing development. Incorporated in 2014, we strive to achieve excellence in building premium residential housing estates.

No talk of excellence acquires real meaning unless the individuals leading the way set an example for all the others in the company’s hierarchy. Asba & Dantata Properties Limited is guided by the vision and foresight of a group of professionals who have years of experience in handling big sized real estate projects. They bring to the table a priceless track record of excellence that inspires every Asba & Dantata employee to give his or her best.



Our vision is to provide exceptional residential communities that make enduring contributions to the vitality of the cities and towns where our communities are located, and to serve a diverse cross section of our society.


  • Asba & Dantata thoughtfully and deliberately designs both the physical and the intangible for an exceptional living experience.
  • Asba & Dantata and its team of design professionals create apartment homes and community spaces for comfort, convenience and style.
  • Asba & Dantata partners with the cities and towns in which its communities are located.
  • Being part of a community that is environmentally and socially focused.
  • Asba & Dantata offers resident service programs that promote well-being and connect residents to resources in the community-at-large.
  • Asba & Dantata responds quickly and professionally to all resident service requests.
  • Asba & Dantata strives to make a difference in residents’ lives.
  • Asba & Dantata engages its residents to create real community.

It is all quite deliberate, quality is not an accident.